About Us

Born to be a winner the best your success

Durgapur Viswagandha Science Society (DVSS), Durgapur is a Non Profit Scientific NGO was established in the Year of 2005. It is now forerunner and pioneering scientific organization in this region working in the area of promoting and advancing S&T and their applications to the problems of national importance. Its mandate is to stimulate interest, encourage invention and research in pursuit of excellence in the field of S&T and disseminating scientific knowledge to the community through its activities by organizing meetings, discussions, seminars, symposiums and publications. In order to meet the needs of the times we carefully consider the steps to be taken to further the objectives of the Society. We do not rest on the glories of the past - we racked our brains and dwelled on what the people wanted. What began a mere idea years ago has transformed an ideology that shapes our Society today. We built a powerful DVSS because people always remain at the centre of everything we do. We have made it efficient and bring closer to everyone and allow enjoying the cutting-edge science and technologies. We are trying to invest quantum of quality of efforts to attend the goal and derived happiness not from reaching the goal but from the struggle - a part of life, to reach it. DVSS also encourages invention and research. The activities of the DVSS, Durgapur include programme on current scientific research, to promote excellence in science education and perform overall development for the benefit of the society.

Our Mission

  • To promote and advance the cause of science in India.
  • To organise seminars, symposiums, workshops, exhibition and other similar activities in order to provide means of exchange of scientific knowledge and to bring new technologies to the whole community.
  • Promote widespread access to the universal knowledge of fundamental sciences through the excitement of scientific experiments.
  • To protect and preserve our cultural and natural heritage through awareness.
  • Strengthen the existing networks by connecting educators, scientists, engineers and communication professional through local, regional, national and international activities.
  • Support to improve formal and informal science education in schools and colleges.
  • Promotion of scientific knowledge and practical applications for national welfare.
  • To forge a synergistic relationship between academia, industry and research centres for mutual benefit.
  • To explore and nurture talent in science.
  • To collaborate with International Science organizations for exchange of ideas and organization of joint programmes.
  • To publish the proceedings of the symposium.
  • To hold Annual Science Conference at a suitable place.
  • To secure and manage funds and endowments for the promotion of science.

Our Vision

To be a world class scientific educational and research organization contributing significantly to the development of science education.