Our Founder


The Durgapur Viswagandha Science Society (DVSS) established in the year of 1994 by the great visionaries Biswanath Kabiraj and Mata Gandheswari Kabiraj, having an eye to improve science and mathematics education among the rural and backward areas of Bankura district in West Bengal. The main aims were to create interest and appreciation in science among the rural and backward girls & co-educational schools and the lay public to remove superstitious beliefs, anxiety, fear etc. from their mind with active support from many eminent villagers.

They stressed the need to raise public understanding of science and infiltrating the best pedagogical techniques to bring science to elementary education level to change our society. They believed that science education is the fountain head through which S&T would born and flow and can prevent resurgence of dogmatism, casteism, greed, hatred, brutal violence etc which are creating major challenges and of course a dire threat to the 2000 years old commitment to rationality. This is due to wide spread lack of reasonable scientific knowledge.

They believed that science is a gateway to the liberation of human spirit and can prepare future citizen to defend science. Replacing deep rooted superstition, misconception etc from mind is the art of science education and at the same time it is our responsibility to change this dismal scenario and need unified efforts to address the issue to the lowermost strata of the society.

Since then, DVSS plays a pivotal role in development of standards of science education. It also provides the exciting learning and career growth opportunities for the talent to flourish.