"Green Chemistry" Symposium
“Green Chemistry – Challenges and Technological Opportunities in India”

National symposium on “Green Chemistry – Challenges and Opportunities in India” held at Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College, Albert Einstein Auditorium, Durgapur, West Bengal in September 2016 organised by Durgapur Viswagandha Science Society, Durgapur and sponsored by the SERB and Department of Pharmaceuticals, Govt of India, New Delhi.

This was right moment to organize this symposium to discuss the attendant issues that is becoming emergent with each passing day as we reshape the textiles, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and chemical industries preventing pollution and we are sanguine that guidance on managing chemical and Textiles issues through sustainable work practices and climate friendly technology will emerge. This symposium was a national importance with a strong emphasis on environmental pollution causing by the textiles, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and chemical industries and for their prevention, control or abatement – challenges to share experiences and perspectives with the delegates. This was interesting to hear and disseminate information in respect of matters relating to air, water and soil pollution and their prevention and control for the well-being of humankind with a strong emphasis on education, research and the involvement of young people. This was an effort to bridge the gap between the industrial houses and academic institutes & R&D organizations.

This is relevant and contemporary as the pharmaceutical scenario is changing rapidly due to development of appropriate technology that has enabled to detect new categories of medicines. This is designed to focus on the changing pharmaceutical landscape and thought- provoking. This conference through new light and provided tangible and implementable solutions toward enhancing pharmaceutical security to the nation.