Birth Anniversary celebration of "SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN"
“125th Birth Anniversary celebration of "SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN" The intellect math giant of 20th century.

National Symposium on “National Mathematics Year – 2012” held at CMERI (CSIR), Durgapur during December 22, 2012 to Celebrate 125th Birth anniversary of this math wizard Srinivasa Ramanuan (1887-1920), who was a great son of India and a legendary mathematician of the 20th Century – brought name and fame to the nation. An intellectual math giant of our country and well known among the mathematicians in India and the globe and the general public at large as the “Principal architect of Indian Mathematics.” He enriched Indian mathematics in the post-independence days for more than three decades with his pioneering mathematical ideas. Perhaps it’s just fitting to say “Generations to come and generations to go, will scarcely believe that such a one as he, had walked upon this earth in flesh and blood”